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Can the gold medal award Pearson and Wright receive the Laurence Award?

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  • January 19, 2018

The Laurence Award rewards the athletic accomplishments achieved by the most outstanding men and women in the world in all fields. It will be elected every year, the best male and female athletes, the best newcomer, the best breakthrough more than eight awards.

But the sports star we're talking about today is for the time being nominated by Lawrence, Sally Pearson, who won the gold medal at last year's World Championships and because she was nominated by Lawrence, who is in eight categories One of two Australians, she won the London 100m Steeplechase and was nominated for the "Comeback of the Year" award

Sally Pearson won a lot of honors and won a lot of medals, but a lot of exercise made her body suffered endless injuries, and these injuries are likely to end her sports career, though he is not as good as before But Sally Pearson still fought at the forefront and she won her second title last August, making her the nation's best track and field athlete ever.

A lot of tolerance to admire, they all think Sally Pearson is one of the most courageous athletes in the world, Sally Pearson feel able to overcome the long illness of their physical and mental torture, which for many ordinary people, this Is a nightmare, an insurmountable nightmare, but Sally Pearson really overcome, but also continue to race to continue to harvest more medals.

Sally Pearson did not lose her confidence. Instead, she was over the war and she insisted she did not give up. She won a 100-meter hurdles gold medal at the World Championships in London in August last year and won the same tournament to the 2012 Olympic Games Road gold medal. This is very rare.

gold medals.

We all know that a professional athlete has a great amount of physical activity. They may wake up each day for a wide range of exercises and intensive training, which is overloaded with their body. Many athletes have more physical injuries than ordinary people because they have to do the same to win medals in the arena. Olympic gold medals are the only things athletes can achieve in their dreams. For the country, the Olympics The same is true for Olympic gold medals.

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