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Award custom medals

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  • October 09, 2018

Award  custom medal

When i was child ,i offen heard a song-Only the month is good in the world.

Yes,we must admit that mother is the greatest.

But,how we repay the greatest ?

Why not choose an award custom medal?if i were you,i will do so.

Please look at the follow picture:

There are reasons why i choose the award custom medal .

1:The shape of award custom is love type,distinct expression of loves for mothers.

2:The content of award custom  medal .it is i love mom,what kind of love is expressed.

3:The color of award custom medal ,it is pink and reprent warm ,green represent hope.

4:The lanyard of award custom medal .it is white and pink look nice,isn't it?

5:the design of the award medal ,leave and flower ,folwer send to monther is a wounderful choice.leave represent us.hope.

        You can ask question as per the follow picture of the award custom medals.              



The award custom medals are not only promotional gift,but also expression of love ,we can make the award custom medals as per your the love to your mom in your unique way by the award custom medals.when it is difficult express to your can tell us ,we will print the words in the award custom medals .the award custom medals can promote The relationship between children and, it is sensible to order one ,isn't ?.

Come on ,my friends,choose the award custom medals to express the love to your mom directly.

I am waiting for you to ask me the question about the award custom medal .And i am so pleasure to solve the doubts of the award custom medal .








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