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custom wing sport medal

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custom wing sport medal 

Companies more and more often choose commemorative medals. This prestigious souvenir is used not only to celebrate anniversaries, but also to commemorate important events or as a gift for employees or customers.

Not many people know that medals do not have to be related to sports events. Companies increasingly choose commemorative medals, which they treat as an original advertising gadget. The possibility of producing medals in practically any form makes them suitable in many circumstances. If you are wondering whether commemorative medals are a good idea for your company, please read our text, in which we will present some suggestions for their use.

Commemorative medals for anniversaries

The first and the foremost use of commemorative medals in the promotional activity of companies are celebrated anniversaries. Commemorating them on medal makes them even more haughty, and a prestigious souvenir is placed in the hands of the people endowed with the medals. Usually, commemorative medals for anniversaries contain the logo of the company for which they were made and the necessary information regarding the anniversary

Medals for events

Another occasions in which medals constitute an excellent idea for a gift are various types of events. These include company meetings, such as the meetings of the board of directors or shareholders. They are also very often used by local authorities during various holidays or visits of partner organisations. Medals for events are not only a souvenir, which will certainly stand out from standard marketing gadgets, but also a gift, which will increase the prestige of the event and impress the participants in a positive way for a long time.

Not only for companies – medals as a gift ideas

Wedding commemorative medals

Family gathering commemorative medals

First Communion commemorative medals

Medals for the best students


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