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Custom medal only belong to you

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  • Jimmy at
  • October 17, 2018

Custom medal only belong to you

Are you think one thing which is totally belong to you in the world?

For me ,the custom one is the best answer.

But what be chosen is the best one ?

Yep ,you’re right ,the answer is custom medal .

Please enjoy one picture of the custom medal.

From the picture of the custom medal.we can see something .

As per the color ,i love gray,red and blue ,so i design my custom medal use the three colors in the custom medal .

In term of the design ,i don’t like to many trouble logo on my custom medal .i want to let my custom medal look more concise and simple but meaningful. So i choose a cut in the custom medal ,.not like other medal .totally logos ,so complicated it is !

Apart from the design of the medal ,i can print my own logo on the lanyard .i choose the red one suit my custom medal ,how attractive it is !isn’t it?of course you can choose one color you favorite on your lanyard.

I don’t know whether you’re care about the package ,in my opinion ,a great custom medal should own a perfect package.i think the lint ,so noble it is ?

Yep .Apart from i saying ,you can think more ways to make the custom

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